Ayahuasca ceremony

Every shaman has his or her own way how to conduct the Ayahuasca ritual. The only common thing is that the Ayahuasca brew is drunk.


It is common that the participants of the ceremony take only light lunch the day of the ritual. Then they fast for the rest of the day.


The effects duration is according to the strenght of the vine and the particular recipe of Ayahuasca. While some shamans prepare weak and short-lasting medicine (2 hours or so), there are shamans who like preparing very strong Ayahuasca and they may even drink it several times during the night (thus achieving duration of 10 hours). Usually the effects last 4-6 hours.


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Scheduled ceremonies


FeatherCrown ceremonies in Tena, Napo, Ecuador. Please ask us for complete information about Ayahuasca ceremonies that take place every week on Wednesdays.


Shamans that abuse women

This article is for all that go for individual treatments with shamans without any assistance from an experienced and trustworthy guides. Please know that many shamans take advantage of the Ayahuasca healing and abuse women during the rituals. Please read the following thread on the Ayahuasca forums to know more about the issue:



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