How to get prepared?

  • Make sure to check the list of requirements related to the health issues.
  • Things to take with you: Long sleeved clothing, including socks, backup clothing (including underwear), fleece jacket (or sweater or poncho), rain jacket, good flashlight (preferably headlamp, with red light - very inobtrusive), mosquito repellent (natural one), pencil, colors and papers, camera (and voice recorder), few pieces of fruit for breakfast, toilet paper.
  • To get the full healing effect of the Medicine, we suggest you follow the diet. By diet we mean the eating habits as well as bahavior.
  • Three days prior to the ceremony eat lightly, avoid overeating, eating "junk" and fatty food. Drink plenty of water and preferably eat only healthy food with vegetables and fruit. Avoid sexual intercourse. Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • The day of the ceremony, do not make strenuous activities, eat only a light breakfast and light lunch. The best option might be to eat only fruit and/or vegetables for the breakfast and lunch, and then fast for the rest of the day. Have your last meal no later than at 2pm.
  • Two hours before the ritual begins, do not drink or ingest anything.
  • The next day after the ceremony, do not plan any strenuous activities, no travelling. Take plenty of rest. Eat only light meals.
  • For three days after the ceremony, avoid food containing chemicals, sexual intercourse, alcohol, pork, chilli. Eat preferably lots of fruit and vegetables, juices and natural food. Take plenty of rest.

Scheduled ceremonies


FeatherCrown ceremonies in Tena, Napo, Ecuador. Please ask us for complete information about Ayahuasca ceremonies that take place every week on Wednesdays.


Shamans that abuse women

This article is for all that go for individual treatments with shamans without any assistance from an experienced and trustworthy guides. Please know that many shamans take advantage of the Ayahuasca healing and abuse women during the rituals. Please read the following thread on the Ayahuasca forums to know more about the issue:

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