Tobacco log

Tobacco log

NOW FOR SALE! Fresh and strong 100% organic tobacco from the indigenous people living in the ecuadorian Amazon. We are very proud to offer this excellent quality tobacco. This tobacco is an integral part of shamanism among the Kichwa, Shuar, Secoya and other tribes in Ecuador. It can be rolled into cigars or smoked in a pipe. It is non-addictive and chemical-free. Water infusion is used by the indigenous people for snorting, drinking and preparation of various medicines alone or together with other plants.




Preparation: Tobacco is planted in small-scale plantation in the garden. No chemicals are used in the process. The person in charge of producing tobacco need to be hand-picking insects on daily basis, otherwise the plant leaves get eaten. For this reason, the process is very time-consuming a needs one's full dedication. The leaves are harvested when they reach their maximum potency and then put on the ground. They are infused with additional tobacco juice by the technique of blowing. They they are rolled into a "log" which weights about 0,7-1,3kg, strongly pressed together by a string. The weight varies and depends on the amount of the additional liquid put into them. Good tobacco is not too wet nor too dry. The moisture helps to coservate the strenght.


Strenght and freshness: We make orders directly with the Kichwa family which produces the tobacco. This allows us to have very fresh tobacco. It has distinct strong smell and when put into mouth, it burns like hot peppers. We make sure we have very fresh tobacco, not ones that are on the shelves of markets for weeks or even months. We treat the fresh tobacco log by putting it to hand above the fire to be smoked, which preserves it. Sometimes it is necessary to keep the fire beneath it for several days.


Price: $95 for 1 log, plus shipping abroad. Every additional log is $55 only. Payment possible through PayPal or MoneyGram.


How to make an order: Orders can be made through Contact us form. Please specify how many logs do you want and include your address. We accept PayPal and MoneyGram payments and we give you the necessary info as soon as we receive your order. Please specify if you prefer PayPal or MoneyGram. We expect a payment in advance.


Shipping: We are sending within 2 weeks enrolled in carton box through regular post service. We provide you with tracking number. Please check your laws regarding the import of tobacco - we are not responsible for what happens to the package on the way. We have good experience with labelling it as incense (tobacco can also be used as incense). So far no shipment has been taxed or confiscated.


Responsibility: of course 100% yours. We provide you with excellent quality tobacco, but we are not in any way responsible for the way you use it. It is a very powerful plant and a lot of respect and patience is needed when working with it. We are not recommending you to use the tobacco in any way - it is you who has to know it. By making an order you confirm you have read this information and you take full responsibility.




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