The population of Cofán (or, as they call themselves, A'i) is now approx. 1,500 people, down from the original 15,000, mainly due to the introduction of the western diseases. They adopted many of the western customs, but some still proudly maintain their uniqueness. In Ecuador they live near the border with Colombia, some of them inside the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Their language is catalogued as a language that is totally separate from the other native Americans. They are amazing artists, employing numerous beads and seeds. Their traditional way of living is now endangered by deforestation and oil drilling. Cofáns use Ayahuasca to get in touch with coan coan, an underground being which gives them advices on how to live. They also get the inspiration for their handcrafts.

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Shamans that abuse women

This article is for all that go for individual treatments with shamans without any assistance from an experienced and trustworthy guides. Please know that many shamans take advantage of the Ayahuasca healing and abuse women during the rituals. Please read the following thread on the Ayahuasca forums to know more about the issue:

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